I have set up a temp system so you can have access to emails sent to kevinsensei@willowonline.co.uk

Willowonline can only forward emails to another account and used to go to your NTL account, which you no longer have, hence why it's not been working!


I can however create a mailbox on my sjjk.co.uk domain, and have done this as this means you can access the mailbox via a web browser.


I have opened a mailbox for you using the following address kev@sjjk.co.uk. I'm sure you don't want sjjk in your email address though, so you can use the willowonline.co.uk address as I have forwarded that to the mailbox. Bit confusing, but I know what I'm doing!!!!


This is how you can access your email -


Visit this link - https://webmail.ukservers.net/src/login.php then enter the following details. (Might be an idea to save the link to your favourites)

Name: kev@sjjk.co.uk

Password: password

This will log you into your mailbox - should be self explanitory from then on!!

I have set it up so if you send mail from this address it will appear to be coming from willowonline. Saves confusion!!!!


Good luck!!!!




P.S. There is no link to this page, so no one should find it (giving them access to your mail). However once you've got this info, I will delete this page to be on the safe side!!! When you sort out your own e mail via your webprovider let me know and I'll change willowonline to forward to that instead!!!


Just noticed if you goto options you can change the password. Then only you know it!!!




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