8th Kyu - Red Belt
Traditional etiquette in the dojo - Bowing on entering and leaving the dojo - Correct form of addressing senior grades on the mat - personal and mat cleanliness - personal safety. - The defences against wrist holds are required early in the syllabus as they incorporate most of the basic body movements of Ju Jitsu.

7th Kyu - Yellow Belt
The techniques required at this level are intended to introduce the idea of the use of the attacker's body position against him.

6th Kyu - Orange Belt
First defences against striking attacks - emphasising the need to close with the attacker (a hallmark of this Ryu), and introducing major throwing techniques.

5th Kyu - Green Belt
4th Kyu - Purple Belt

These grades teach defences against a broadening range of attacks and encourage greater development of fluidity and control.

3rd Kyu - Blue Belt
The first of the senior Kyu grades, requiring a high degree of skill and control.

2nd Kyu - Brown Belt
Defences against edged weapons - a high degree of skill is required to disarm the attacker without injury to the defender.
Defences against multiple attackers.
"Sitting-in" as an observer at gradings begins at this level and some teaching practice of lower grades is required.

1st Kyu - Brown Belt, one red tag
Defences against firearms and multiple attackers. Embu are introduced at this level to promote fluidity and awareness (Zanshin).
This grade is the most senior Kyu grade and as such a very high standard is required in every aspect of the practice of Ju Jitsu.
First Kyu's can expect to be used as assistant instructors on occasion and will be expected to act as examiners at Kyu gradings under the supervision of Dan grades.


At gradings - Marks will be given on the effectiveness of techniques, control of the attacker, stability during technique, and the ability to demonstrate dangerous techniques without injury. Failure in any of these areas will mean failure of the grading as a whole. All techniques can be required right or left hand and can be repeated at the examiners discretion.

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