1. Gradings will be held every 6 months (at the discretion of the SJJK).

2. Examiners will be senior Dan Grades in Ju Jitsu or a similar discipline appointed by SJJK.

3. Dan gradings will be by a panel consisiting of three Dan Grades, one of whom must be at least 3 grades above the canditate and one of whom must be the same style as the candidate.

4. Promotions awarded at gradings shall be entered in the members record book by the examiner and only grades thus entered are valid.

5. Grading Requirements will be laid out in the Syllabus of the SJJK as published from time to time.

6. Any Martial Artist from another discipline within the Martial Arts who wishes to practice with the SJJK may wear the grade colour belt of that style until the next grading, when they must submit themselves for grading. They will enter the grading at a level considered suitable by their examiner and must thereafter wear the belts attained at SJJK gradings.

7. All Kyu grades must submit themselves for grading at least once a year.

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