Sen Ran Ju Jitsu Kai doesn't itself have any membership. Anyone is welcome to come and train with us, all you pay to SJJK is your mat fee.
Fighting Arts Organisation GB

The Fighting Arts Organisation GB is the association we are affiliated to. Each club member should apply for an annual licence which is to be kept up to date for insurance purposes. You are also required to be a current member to attend events such as gradings.

New members are advised to wait a while until they are sure that they wish to continue with Ju Jitsu before applying for their licence!
Annual Fee - £10
New Membership - £25
* New membership includes your 1st years membership and insurance, record book, association badge and club badge.
Frimley Martial Arts Centre
The Frimley Martial Arts Centre is owned by the local council who stipulate that everyone who uses the facilty pays an annual membership. Money raised from this goes into maintaining the facility.
Members are entitled to use all the facilities at the Frimley Martial Arts Centre including the weights gym and the bar, and also receive a discount in the Martial Arts shop D.B. SPORTS.
Non members need to pay a fee of £1 for each visit to the centre.
Annual Fee - £15
Guests Fee - £1
per visit
N.B. Membership fees are out of SJJK's control and so are subject to change without notice.
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